Sonoma County Office of Education January Bulletin: Trauma-Informed Teaching and Fostering Resilience


This month the Sonoma County Office of Education dedicated their January Bulletin to raising awareness on Trauma-Informed Teaching Knowing Our Students’ Stories and Fostering Resilience.

"Recent social and scientific research calls upon educators to provide student with not only academic learning, but also the social and emotional tools needed to be successful in life. We once though subjects like math and history to be disconnected from basic social skills and emotional resilience. Now, however, science is showing that all these factors are inter-related."

“We talk about students having an emotional backpack and how heavy it is on any given day. You don’t have to excuse their behavior, but you can know where it’s coming from.”
—Georgia Ioakimedes, SCOE Alternative Education Director, on teaching children who have experienced trauma.

Nearly one in five children in Sonoma County have suffered at least two traumatic childhood experiences, such as death of a parent or physical or emotional abuse. Research is showing that this level of trauma can seriously impact a child's ability to learn, as well as lead to lasting health and emotional problems. 

In this SCOE Bulletin, local educational leaders and community experts weigh in on how teachers, after-care providers, and other caregivers can be better prepared to understand and address negative behavior while providing critical support for their neediest children and improving outcomes for all. 

See attached for the full bulletin!


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