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By Strategies CA, September 4, 2019

Healthy families are the bedrock of strong, vibrant communities. When the skills and abilities of professionals and their organizations grow and strengthen, they can create bigger, more sustainable changes in their communities so that all families can be healthy. Organizations working with families want to support as many people as possible and make a bigger impact but their budgets and resources fall far short of their aspirations. With no-cost trainings and support, Strategies 2.0 bridges an organization’s resources and it’s aspirations.

Strategies 2.0’s training empowers professionals with the latest research and best practices and tools, so they can help families grow their strengths more effectively and efficiently. In addition to training, we are building professional networks regionally and statewide because we believe that bigger, more sustainable changes for our families, our communities, and state are necessary and possible. In regions throughout the state, we bring together professionals and organizations in learning communities to exchange ideas, share resources, and collaborate to craft solutions for their area’s most pressing needs.

We recognize ourselves as a distinct and highly skilled professional community so that our work to prevent child abuse and neglect can be elevated. As a network, we can promote best practices, strengthen our organizations, and attract more resources. We can build power to tackle the root causes of poverty and inequality and advance equity and opportunity for all families.

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