Trauma Informed Public Health Nursing Visits to Parents and Children (publication pending in Public Health Nursing)


Sonoma County Field Nursing's Liz George and Julianne Ballard have been busy! Together they lead an effort to develop a PHN home visiting model that integrates ACEs science! Their research will soon be published in The Journal of Public Health Nursing! Here is the abstract:SC HV Liz and Julianne

Trauma Informed Public Health Nursing Visits to Parents and Children (publication pending in Public Health Nursing)

Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) research has demonstrated a strong correlation between a traumatic childhood and poor health and social status in adulthood. Maternal/child Public Health Nursing (PHN) home visiting teams frequently encounter families experiencing trauma,thus offering a unique opportunity to assist parents in recognizing the potential harm such stress may have for their child. The Sonoma County Field Nursing team developed a trauma-informed model utilizing ACEs education in a self-reflective approach with parents to increase family resilience and reduce the risk for future childhood trauma. This paper presents the supporting research used to develop the trauma-informed approach and describes the execution of the model by the Sonoma County Field Nursing team.

A sneak peek at their data: SC HV data

Additionally they are offering a free training for California Public Health Departments on their findings - including process, plans, and outcomes! Currently six counties have signed up. Space is limited. 
SC HV training data


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