Sonoma County mental health division, beset with deficit, scales back extra-help staff (

Facing a budget squeeze made even tighter by the October wildfires, Sonoma County’s mental health division is limiting its staffing levels in all but four of its 37 programs by cutting back on slots for temporary workers who often perform the duties of full-time employees. The anticipated budget gap comes largely from a change in the way the state provides certain funds for mental health services, and it existed even before the destructive fires placed an additional strain on county...

Sonoma County Announces New Office of Recovery & Resiliency

Today's Press Democrat featured this promising article: "Sonoma County supervisors Tuesday created a new government office to help the region bounce back from this year’s devastating wildfires and assist with charting a formal vision for the long-term recovery of the local housing supply, the economy and other key areas. The new Office of Recovery and Resiliency will have its own budget and seven staff members, three of whom will come from the ranks of current county employees. Housed within...

Kaiser Supports North Bay's VOICES through Youth & Trauma Informed Care Grant

"Kaiser Permanente Northern California Region—Community Benefit Programs (KPCBP)’s Youth and Trauma-informed Care grant program (YTIC), through which 20 community based agencies and school based health centers were funded in 2014, is a critical strategy for addressing community violence by focusing on prevention as well as healing. Experience of trauma in childhood is associated with a range of negative health, social, and educational outcomes. Trauma is frequently undiagnosed or...

Learning How to Convince Leaders to Create Trauma-Informed Programs, Systems and Environments.

How do you build a narrative around ACEs science, bolster it with data and convince your leadership that integrating it is critical for the community you serve? Representatives from San Francisco Bay Area health and social service agencies had an opportunity on December 5 to learn about ACEs science, find data sets to help them make a case for supporting ACEs education and resiliency programs, and then role play ways to deliver powerful messages. Donielle Prince, ACEs Connection Network’s...

‘Thank you’ signs that sprang up after Sonoma County fires turned into a poster (

When the Jeberg family evacuated their Calistoga Road home on Oct. 8, fleeing the Tubbs fire, they assumed it would be the last time they’d ever see it. A couple days later, they learned their home had been spared. “It was just so hard (for him) to find words,” Michala Jeberg said on behalf of her husband, who was out of the country during the interview. “All he could come up with was, ‘Thank you,’ basically, and the fire crews were all just saying, ‘Well, we’re just doing our jobs.’ They...

Dr, Daniel Siegal, MD Speaking in Davis - January 10, 7-9pm.

HOW TO CULTIVATE COURAGE, CURIOSITY AND RESILIENCE IN YOUR CHILD New York Times Bestselling Author and Award-winning Educator, Dan Siegel, MD , will present from his latest book, The Yes Brain : How to Cultivate Courage, Curiosity and Resilience in Your Child . Plan to reserve your tickets starting Dec. 4 th for this exciting January 10 th , 2018 lecture (7-9pm). For more information, FREE tickets and video of DPU’s last lecture with Michele Borba, please go to .

Overcoming Adversity with Diversity in Technology and Digital Media Storytelling

Hanna Institute's Professional Networking Breakfast will be next Thursday Dec 14th, 7:30-9am with digital media genius Villy Wang, speaking about social enterprise and how digital media arts can empower youth of color from historically underserved communities to take back their narratives through storytelling. Breakfast and Inspiration for $30. Free for educators and students.

Sonoma County Supervisors Invite Trauma Experts to Inform our Upcoming Journey of Recovery

Sonoma County's Board of Supervisors is singularly focusing on recovery for our community. Starting with deepening our local understanding of the wildfire's effect on our brains, bodies, and spirit, Tuesday's Board meeting dedicated time to exploring trauma and resiliency. Two experts were invited to share insights: Dr. Melissa Brymer is director of terrorism and disaster programs at the UCLA-Duke National Center for Child Traumatic Stress and an expert on how children deal with stress...

Beloved Community - "What does it take to lift up all members of our community?"

Last February, Kanwarpal Dhaliwal of RYSE came to Sonoma County and urged us to consider re-framing our thinking around how we label trauma and resiliency. She outlined a vision for creating a "beloved community" together. I just heard her speak again in Philadelphia, and felt deeply grateful for her continued urging to get under the layers of pain in Sonoma County. If you'd like a shot of passion in your arm, check her out in this video where she gives a similar presentation:

Fire Loss FEMA Funding and SBA Loan Deadline is December 11 []

FEMA and SBA Deadline to Register for Assistance cannot be extended. DEADLINE: December 11, 2017. APPLY even if you have insurance! Whether people need the funding now, or in 18 months for rental assistance, child care, medical expenses, etc. there is a firm cap of $34,000 per household for renters as well as homeowners. The Small Business Administration (SBA) loan deadline for businesses impacted by the fire is the same - December 11, 2017. APPLY even if you have insurance! FEMA assistance...

Season of Sharing (SOS) Fire-related Grants for Low-Income Sonoma County Residents

To provide a financial boost for those affected by the Sonoma County fires, the Chronicle Season of Sharing Fund (SOS) is offering special assistance grants to low-income residents for up to $3000. The grants aim to help those who lost possessions, jobs or income due to the fires: get or keep housing by paying a month’s mortgage, rent or security deposit; cover utility bills; buy essential household furniture, a wheelchair or other vital health aids; or cover costs of medically required...

Santa Rosa Junior College offers free portrait sessions Saturday for families affected by fires

The Santa Rosa Junior College Photography Department is offering free family portraits for Sonoma County fire victims on Saturday at the junior college from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. The event is part of the International Help-Portrait Day , where photographers give back to their community by using their expertise for charitable projects. To read the full article, published in the Santa Rosa Press Democrat, click here: SRJC Offers Free Portraits

Sonoma County’s parklands are already showing signs of recovery from fire (

Nearly every tree species affected by the Tubbs and Nuns fires has a strategy for returning. Some, such as coast live oak, have thick bark and may still be standing with green canopies hanging over blackened understory in places such as Sonoma Valley Regional Park. Trees in this condition will be helped in the years to come because the competition around their bases is gone. If burned, coast live oak have an amazing ability to sprout from the trunk. This can happen as quickly as two months...

9/27/17 Meeting Minutes

(For a colorful and well formatted version, please see the attached .pdf.) Thank you to all that participated in today’s ACES meeting. Lisa Manthe lead us through a meditation that she does with her students. Lisa shared with us that she begins and ends every school day with meditation to help foster routine and a sense of grounding for the mind body connection. Lisa Manthe from New Directions School joined us to share her experience using art therapy as a way of healing. New Directions...

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