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How Early Experiences Get into the Body: A Biodevelopmental Framework

Excellent graphic representation of the roots of early childhood experiences across the life course. Attached is a printable version. Copied below is one of several images from the document. " This biodevelopmental framework highlights the shared early childhood roots of lifelong outcomes in learning, behavior, and both physical and mental health. An integrated approach to addressing disparities in those outcomes offers a promising opportunity to devise interventions that attack societal...

We, too, have that answer to ACEs!

Many of you were probably very intrigued by ACEs Connection member Roger Kluck's posts about a successful answer to ACEs. (Take a look at his posts, linked below.) I just got back from an amazing Alternatives to Violence Project workshop in Folsom Prison. The inmate participants found the workshop to be life changing. You can join a community AVP basic workshop this coming weekend in Santa Rosa and experience the changes in your life. Register soon! This opportunity might not come around...

January is Positive Parenting Awareness Month Time to Renew, Refresh & Recharge [Child Parent Institute]

Another year has flown by, leaving me wondering where the time went. As I think about my family’s milestones and memories over the past year, I’m reminded of how often I get consumed by work, my family’s hectic schedule, and the never-ending list of household chores. It’s easy for my family to go through the motions of our daily routines – get up, go to school or work, come home, eat, do homework or work, go to bed, repeat, repeat, repeat – and even be in the same room without really...

Where Do We Start Down the Path of Becoming Trauma Informed?

In April 2018, the Center for Health Care Strategies in New York City hosted an Advancing Trauma-Informed Care meeting. Sonoma County submitted a challenge for the group to discuss: Challenge: "I think one issue we are having is finding where to start. If this is not a step by step process, but a culture shift, where do you begin? Some groups are starting with an agency assessment. Some are starting with ACEs trainings. Some are looking at the SAMSHA guides. Others are desperately trying to...

Sonoma County Trauma and Resilience Network One Pager

Attached find a 2018 version of Sonoma County community profile detailing information about your community ACEs initiative. This will be shared with CA legislators at the Trauma-Informed Policymaker Awareness Day on May 22nd in Sacramento. I attach it here as a PDF ready to print and share! I also have uploaded into 'Resources for Downloading' the same PDF, and an editable Word document so that you can update or otherwise improve it. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to...

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