A Daylong Retreat with Kevin Griffin - Day of Dana, fee waived!

A POSITIVE LIGHT Center for Spiritual Awakening

A Daylong Retreat with Kevin Griffin;
        Author, Meditation Teacher, Leader in Buddhism and Twelve Steps  

Hosted by Joanie Lane at A Positive Light - Reserve Your Space
Lovingkindness, or metta, is sometimes depicted as a simple “open your heart and love everybody” practice, but a closer look at the Buddha’s teachings reveals a more complex and nuanced picture. In a time of great conflict and contention in our society, it can be extremely valuable to see how the Buddha addressed these relevant topics:
  • The challenges of living with other people;
  • The risk of hating anyone, even your enemies;
  • And the dangers inherent to conventional loving relationships.

The Buddha’s teachings on lovingkindness emphasize the importance of sila, or ethical behavior, the potential for opening into deeper meditative states of peace and equanimity, and the importance of developing a non-discriminating, unconditional love on the path of awakening.

Learn to navigate your life with clarity and joy in this experiential daylong, open to all seeking tools to live with a wise and open heart with the goal of finding cultural unity. 

A practice focused day, with instruction on mindfulness and lovingkindness meditation, lecture, interactive exercises, and Q&A.

All participants are invited to wear comfortable clothing and to bring a lunch. Water and tea will be provided.

To learn more and to sign up, click HERE

Kevin Griffin is the author of several books including One Breath at a Time: Buddhism and the Twelve Steps,  A Burning Desire: Dharma God and the Path of Recovery,  Buddhism and theTwelve Steps Workbook,Recovering Joy,  Living Kindness . A longtime Buddhist practitioner and 12 Step participant, Kevin is a leader in the mindful recovery movement and one of the founders of the Buddhist Recovery Network. Kevin has trained with the leading Western Vipassana teachers, among them Jack Kornfield, Joseph Goldstein, and Ajahn Amaro.

Kevin teaches internationally in Buddhist centers, treatment centers, professional conferences, and academic settings. He specializes in helping people in recovery connect with meditation and a progressive understanding of the 12 Steps. For more about Kevin go to: http://www.kevingriffin.net


6470 Kelsey Creek Dr. Kelseyville, Ca 95451

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