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Using the Centrality of Relationships as a Protective Factor in Building Resilience: Infusing Childhood Mental Health Principles and Practices across the Care Continuum for Children and Families -- A 4-Part Series. 

The series focuses on the implementation of Early Childhood Mental Health into each person's scope of practice and lays the foundation for an early childhood informed community, as well as providing opportunity for those who want to pursue training in additional evidence-based practices.

Enroll above to attend session 2 of the series: Early Childhood Mental Health: Thinking Developmentally about Risk and Protective Factors. 

Topics include:

  • Risk Factors and Protective Factors: Child; Parent/Caregiver; Environment; Culture
  • Capacities for self-regulation and co-regulation
  • Risk/resilience balance
  • Use of screening as surveillance, and as intervention.  Types of screeners and ways to use them.
  • Eligibility across the care continuum--who is eligible for what? 
  • Red flags for Mental Health difficulties in young children by age--what do we see?
  • Behavior as communication--what does it mean?  What to do with what you see. 

Guest Speaker: Barbara Ivins, Clinical Director/Program Manager Early Intervention Services, UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital, Oakland

Registration is open for the session on November 7, 2019 - Part II of the Series

Please click here to read more or to register. 

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