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Sonoma County ACEs Connection Meeting

Child Parent Institute (CPI)

Monthly Sonoma County ACEs Connection Meeting in October. 


3650 Standish Ave., Santa Rosa, CA, 95407

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Please see attached for the 10-24-18 meeting. 
Thank you @Michelle Dominguez 

I have a suggestion, as a way of accelerating the ACEs movement - would it be possible to have folks introduce themselves and share what brings them to the meeting - personal or professional (or both!)? Maybe they could also share what is happening in their work/world related to ACEs, trauma informed work and building resiliency? 

Additionally, I am wondering if folks who are participating on behalf of their workplace / organization might be willing to consider signing onto the Tarpon Springs MOU (click on blue text to open document) as a way of showing commitment to the ACEs movement. This is not binding, but it does help folks have a shared understanding of Trauma Informed Community means. And, of course the template is editable. 

Click here to watch a brief video from Tarpon Springs

And, finally (for now!) if SCAC members attend relevant events, meetings, community gatherings etc (local or not) is there a space within the agenda for sharing these activities with the larger group?  Hearing what is happening across the county or even beyond can spark ideas and interest for local folks as they seek to move Sonoma County towards being a Trauma Informed Community.  

Thanks for listening! 


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