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Hi Tina

I am the Parent Resources Director at CPI (Child Parent Institute).  Now that everyone has given you the evidence based etc formal info, I will add the informal info.  I think what helped us be such enthusiastic implementers of the Family Strengthening model was that we did some staff trainings that were a fun way to learn about this model.  I used some activities that helped staff think about what factors they had and how they could see that in themselves and in the families we serve.  Also, when we did community presentations, we tried to be as concrete as possible about what agencies could do or were already doing to help with protective factors.  I am going to attach one of our early power points - we got a lot of the info from our state Strategies organization. Hope this helps.


Hi, Tina-
Child Parent Institute is one of the CBOs in Sonoma County that embraces the Strengthening Families Approach/Five Protective Factors. We aim to incorporate the 5 Protective Factors in all of our work, including evaluating our programs within the framework. We work in a collaborative headed by a County agency, and each of the CBOs in that collaborative are using the Protective Factors Survey (an evidence-based tool - more information at to assess how our organizations are doing in moving the needle in developing the protective factors in our community.
You probably are well-acquainted with this website already, but just in case:
Wishing you all the best with your important efforts,
Originally Posted by Tina Marie Hahn, MD:

Hi is Sonoma County using the Strengthening Families approach? That is what Michigan is working on doing so I want to do everything I can to learn about it.  Also do you have information on the youth part of the strengthening families approach? Thanks Tina


Hi Dr. Hahn!

Thanks for reaching out to us!  Your question is actually one of our first inquiries into our local efforts!   

At a county level our Board of Supervisors kind of set the tone when they adopted the "Upstream Initiative" which is designed to promote evidence based practices etc. Here is where you can learn more:  Now all groups that work within the county are seeking to ensure that their efforts meet the Upstream criteria:

Invest Early: Whenever possible, dedicate funding and other resources to prevention-focused policies and interventions.

Invest Wisely: Ensure that upstream policies and interventions have the highest possible likelihood of success by selecting those that are backed by sound evidence.

Invest Together: Focus community-wide upstream policies and interventions on preventing six targeted factors and improving 22 indicators of success to achieve the Upstream vision, mission, goals, and measureable impacts.

Our Public Health MCAH home visiting programs have transitioned to trauma informed models of care and are utilizing evidence based tools when possible.

The Strengthening Families approach is being used by some of our community partners; however some are still very early in the process. 

Our Sonoma County ACES Connection group is just starting to look at local practices, and map assets and gaps.

We are all very excited about ACES and hope to learn more as we move through the process of deepening our understanding, learning more about resources and identifying where we might be able to effect change.

Hope this is helpful!



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