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Re: Mobilizing our Community

Former Member ·
You guys and gals are so lucky to be there. I would give my shirt, pants and my car to be a part of your team. It is kind of hard kind-of going this alone but good thing I am passionate about this. I don't give up. And I can come on this page and ACEs in Philadelphia and Community Managers and steal ideas!!!!!!!!!!! Tina

Re: Those transitioning into the community from SDC..

Nick Dalton ·
I would love to meet up and hear more about your work and how you think it is going to impact the Sonoma Valley and greater county. Nick Dalton Assistant Director of Hanna Boys Center ndalton@hannacenter.org
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Minutes from our May 27th meeting

May 27, 2015 QUOTE: Never before in the history of medicine have we had better insight into the factors that determine the health of an individual from infancy to adulthood, which is part of the life course perspective—a way of looking at life...
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Mobilizing our Community

So excited to be in Philadelphia at the launch of this incredible effort to build resilience across our whole community!  We are here with Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, California Endowment and PHF!  Just by chance, we are at the same...
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Post Traumatic Growth after Natural Disasters - Communication and Connections Help [sciencedaily.com]

Leslie Lieberman ·
A recent study from researchers at the University of Missouri found more communication among family, friends and neighbors who experienced the devastating and deadly 2011 Joplin Tornado was related to more post-traumatic growth. The 2011 tornado in Joplin, Missouri, was one of the most destructive in U.S. history -- killing 161 people, injuring 1,150 and destroying approximately one-third of the city's homes. Individuals who experience such disasters can exhibit a range of mental health...
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Alternatives to Violence Project: experience the gifts!

Sue Stephenson ·
I've been thinking a lot lately about the full spectrum of trauma and resilience. Certainly our internal dialogue, what we tell ourselves, is near the root of other communication and actions. Can we shed light on this "intrapersonal communication" to help heal trauma and support resilience? How do we access what's in our heads? One way is to ask ourselves deep questions and speak our truths in a safe environment. This is one of the ways Alternatives to Violence Project brings humanity and...
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Beyond Paper Tigers Presenter Showcase! Lincoln High School’s Trauma-Informed Strategies: Jim Sporleder Reflects on Lessons Learned

Tara Mah ·
“We had no clue whatsoever what it would turn out to be” Jim Sporleder, former Principal, remarks as he looks back on Lincoln Alternative High School, the growing movement of CRI’s trauma-informed community initiative, and the production of the documentary Paper Tigers. Jim’s story is an iconic one. In fact, many have inevitably heard of Jim’s work if they have seen the documentary Paper Tigers; it chronicles the profound impact on Lincoln Alternative High School as Jim, the staff, and the...
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Community Capacity: Building a Movement from Within

Anndee Hochman ·
Human services organizations and coalitions often talk about “making room at the table” for non-professionals, local residents and people with lived experience of poverty, addiction, mental illness or trauma. But those organization leaders rarely spend time at the community’s tables—that is, the block parties and cook-outs, playgrounds and parks, neighborhood association meetings, parent-teacher organizations, Little League games and other grass-roots venues that are essential grounds for...
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[This Wed @6pm] Resilient Sonoma ~ Sonoma Resiliente: Next Steps

Nick Dalton ·
Dear friends, We are excited to see you again (or for the first time) next week for Resilient Sonoma – Sonoma Resiliente, this Wednesday 6-8pm at the Hanna Boys Center Legacy Room. We will share updates for the next steps so we can then collectively agree on how we can best move forward collaboratively. Please mark your calendars for the next meeting and kindly RSVP . Light food will be provided. Here are some key follow-up items to keep in mind as we prepare: Open to All Interested...
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Youth trauma conference, UC Berkeley!

Robyn Gee ·
We are organizing a conference on March 4 at UC Berkeley called: Contextualizing and Understanding Youth Trauma and Cultivating Resilience. It's aimed at bringing together people who don't usually get to share knowledge: community practitioners, researchers, students, scientists and educators. We want to understand the biology and the social-contextual factors of trauma and its impact on youth.
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Those transitioning into the community from SDC..

Stephen Zollman ·
Greetings...Wanted to say, hi and thank you for all of your ongoing group. I am an attorney with Disability Rights CA and am working to help transition those with developmental disabilities from the Sonoma Development Center back out into the community. I am also a former SF Public Defender who has worked with our youth who have developmental as well as mental health disabilities. Please drop me a line if you would like to chat/have coffee, etc. Thanks....Stephen Zollman
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Violence Prevention Workshop

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Building Resilience Grant

Carolyn Curtis ·
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Sonoma County is well represented in a new Bay Area initiative to address childcare adversity in pediatric safety net care settings

Remy Fuentes ·
The Center for Care Innovations (CCI) and Genentech have selected seven Bay Area sites to participate in the Resilience Beginnings Collaborative (RBC). The Resilient Beginnings Collaborative is a 24-month learning program dedicated to addressing childhood adversity in pediatric safety net care settings. As the momentum to spread the word about ACEs and implement trauma-informed care increases, Sonoma County leads the way. Of the seven sites selected, two are from Sonoma County: Petaluma...
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Action Alert: Provide feedback on the county fire recovery plan!

Lena Hoffman ·
If you were unable to make it to any of the Fire Recovery Community Listening Forums hosted by the Sonoma County Office of Recovery and Resiliency has in July and August, you still have a chance to provide your feedback to the Draft Recovery and Resiliency Framework. The framework covers five strategic areas: Community Preparedness and Infrastructure, Housing, Economy, Natural Resources, and Safety Net Services.
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Community Leaders Connect in ACEs and Resilience Community of Practice

Marilyn Gisser ·
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Arts, Culture, and Community Mental Health (SHELTERFORCE)

Jacob Rich ·
This article explores how art and culture can help address trauma and promote community mental health. Are there any efforts along these lines to address trauma locally? ArtStart works with young local aspiring artists to create public art with a purpose. Seems like they could be a good partner for something like this locally. https://shelterforce.org/2019/04/19/arts-culture-and-community-mental-health/?utm_source=sfweekly&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=042219CoreNeighborhoods
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Redwood Community Health Coalition gets $500,000 state grant to help people get medical care [Press Democrat]

Pediatric nurse practitioner Julia Chang examines Gabriella Cedillos, 11, during her annual physical, at Roseland Pediatrics, part of Santa Rosa Community Health Centers, in Santa Rosa, on Wednesday, November 30, 2016. (Christopher Chung/ The Press Democrat)
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Webinar: The Human Impact of Climate Change

The Community Resiliency Model Disaster Relief Program Climate change emergencies are real and the human toll during and in the aftermath impact children, teens and adults. This webinar will hear from Kelly Doty, a survivor, who lost her home in Paradise and is working in a community-based program to help the children and their parents in the aftermath. Elaine Miller-Karas, the key developer of the Community Resiliency Model Disaster Relief Program, will explain the program and how it helps...