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Nothing About Them Would Stand Out in a Crowd

Alice Kenny ·
photo credit: chuttersnap/ By Alice M. Kenny (pseudonym) (The article below is an excerpt from my new book, Crazy Was All I Ever Knew: The Impact of Maternal Mental Illness on Kids . I have used a pseudonym to protect the privacy of family members.) The emotions adult children of parents with mental illness experience are a mixed bag. Sometimes a jumble. Guilt, loss, grief, and resentment are among the emotions that persist or bubble to the surface in adulthood. Some feel...
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PARENTING GUIDES: Please share to support parents

Bonnie Berman ·
During this challenging time, parents need more resources than ever. Please let parents know about the following guides from the Yolo County Children's Alliance and the Yolo Child Abuse Prevention Council. All guides are available at , and I have attached a summary of the guides if you would prefer to share that. Please note that we will be releasing our positive discipline guide on 4/1/20 ( Handling Your Child's Challenging Behaviors at Every Age ). The guides...
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PREVENTION: A key solution to reducing ACEs

Carolyn Curtis ·
Bringing Baby Home Training of Trainers, Sacramento May 17-18, 2018 A friend of mine recently referred her grandchild and his pregnant wife to a Bringing Baby Home class, because she noticed that the wife had a horrible background of abuse and at times had difficulty functioning. What the grandmother noticed with this couple was a change in the family dynamics. The couple knows how to get along, the father is engaged in parenting, and the baby thriving. This is really starting at the root of...
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Foster families needed in Sonoma [Sonoma Index-Tribune]

Staff Report, July 28, 2019, Sonoma Index-Tribune Every day, 50 to 75 Sonoma County children and teens need a safe place to live. There is currently an urgent need for foster parents and adoptive families to open their homes to local foster children, according to the county’s Sonoma Foster Care agency. Local families can learn more about foster parenting at Explore Foster Parenting, a one-hour discussion held monthly, 6 to 7 p.m., at 2255 Challenger Way, Suite 100, Santa Rosa. The dates for...
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helping inmates with children transition back into society

October 28, 2015 UW team to lead research efforts on initiative for incarcerated parents   Deborah Bach   The University of Washington will play a key role in a new initiative aimed at helping inmates with children transition back into...
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SPOTLIGHT ON: How to be Trauma Informed (repost from Echo Parenting)

Andi Fetzner ·
Okay, we’ve got it: Not “what’s wrong with you?” but “What happened to you?” That explosive outburst? The child who cannot concentrate at school? The domestic violence survivor who is in a constant state of hyper-vigilance? Yes, most of us in family services are now able to recognize trauma-symptoms and respond with empathy… most of the time. But what does it mean to be truly trauma-informed? For a start, it means that we have patience with others and ourselves as we seek to acquire the...
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Embracing Your Child with ADD/ADHD


Re: PARENTING GUIDES: Please share to support parents

Jondi Whitis ·
Thank you! I’ll check those out and appreciate the list very much. If possible, please add ours? (I blog posted here on it yesterday). Compassion in Action: Emotional First-Aid for Children. On Amazon. Thank you!
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