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PREVENTION: A key solution to reducing ACEs

Carolyn Curtis ·
Bringing Baby Home Training of Trainers, Sacramento May 17-18, 2018 A friend of mine recently referred her grandchild and his pregnant wife to a Bringing Baby Home class, because she noticed that the wife had a horrible background of abuse and at times had difficulty functioning. What the grandmother noticed with this couple was a change in the family dynamics. The couple knows how to get along, the father is engaged in parenting, and the baby thriving. This is really starting at the root of...
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Trauma-informed practices may lower rate of school suspensions []

Clare Reidy ·
By Amber Revels-Stocks The Times-Leader Saturday, November 3, 2018 Pitt County Schools is implementing a new practice in an attempt to decrease the amount of discipline referrals in its schools. Trauma-informed practices take into consideration adverse childhood experiences or ACEs that can affect physical, mental or emotional health, according to Karen Harrington, director of student services. Examples of ACEs include having a household member in prison, having divorced or separated parents...
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Sonoma County Office of Education January Bulletin: Trauma-Informed Teaching and Fostering Resilience

Elizabeth Najmabadi ·
This month the Sonoma County Office of Education dedicated their January Bulletin to raising awareness on Trauma-Informed Teaching Knowing Our Students’ Stories and Fostering Resilience. "Recent social and scientific research calls upon educators to provide student with not only academic learning, but also the social and emotional tools needed to be successful in life. We once though subjects like math and history to be disconnected from basic social skills and emotional resilience. Now,...
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Trauma Informed Resilience Building Workshop

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Regulation Before Education: Trauma-Informed Schools

Emily Read Daniels ·
Regulation Before Education: The Roots and Fruits of a Trauma-Informed School July 29-31st | 12:00 - 3:00pm EDT These times are unsettling in many ways. But the disruptions have widened opportunities for different ways of being, thinking and doing in education. The trauma-informed schools movement has never been more relevant. Schools committed to cultivating trauma-informed change can successfully buffer the adverse effects of the pandemic, economic collapse, and persistent racial...
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Value of investing in Trauma-Informed Care

Elizabeth Beaty-Smith ·
I recently had the pleasure of attending via zoom, a Trauma-Informed Care training. I wanted to share some take always and encourage all to attend one. Hosted by Community Resilience Initiative, with trainer Rick Griffin. The trainer had such a lovely way of taking heavy topics that can feel uncomfortable to talk about and deliver them in a gentle, authentic way that provided the human touch with extensive knowledge. This being my first formal training on just Trauma-Informed care I learned...
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