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An Indigenous Vision for Our Collective Future: Becoming Earth’s Stewards Again (

Anthropologists have called Indigenous peoples the “original ecologists.” 19 Indigenous peoples were able to sustain their traditional subsistence economy for millennia because “they possessed appropriate ecological knowledge and suitable methods to exploit resources, but possessed a philosophy and environmental ethic to keep exploitive abilities in check, and established ground rules for relationships between humans and animals.” 20 Native peoples’ reciprocity with the natural and spiritual...

Spreading the Science: Michigan's NEAR Collaborative Aims to Infuse ACEs Science into State Departments and Agencies

Mary Mueller likes to call herself an “opportunistic infection.” What that means is that Mueller, project coordinator for trauma-informed systems in the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS), is determined to share the science of ACEs and resilience wherever she goes. After Mueller attended the state’s first ACE master trainer two day session hosted by the Michigan ACE Initiative , she wanted to bring the foundational science shared by ACE Interface back home—to her MDHHS...

Investing in Community Resilience Webinar: Advocating for Trauma-Informed Policy and Systems Change

Building on the Foundation’s Trauma-Informed Philanthropy series, we are pleased to present a 10-month learning series, Investing in Community Resilience . This series, presented in partnership with the Scattergood Foundation, will provide vital information to funders and cooperative extension professionals for developing trauma-informed, healing-centered approaches in their work. Please join us for the sixth and final webinar in the series, Advocating for Trauma-Informed Policy and Systems...

How Nonprofits Can Stop Trump’s Effort to Roll Back Diversity Training (

The abbreviation “EO” often stands for “executive order.” But when used in connection with President Donald Trump’s Executive Order on Combating Race and Sex Stereotyping , which perversely protects racism and sexism, EO could just as easily mean “extremely Orwellian.” We start with the chaos that is already occurring. The immediate—and predictable—result of a series of White House directives is that federal agencies have started canceling trainings, including the US Environmental Protection...

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Maryland State BRFSS Data

Brenda Yuen
Today I attended the first Webinar part talking about building ACEs and Trauma-Informed Care Communities. There was discussion regarding individual states who have included ACE data in their BRFSS, of which Maryland (my state) conducted such a data collection in 2015. I asked the group where I could find the data from my state and I was referred to both and the Acesconnection community "State ACEs Action". I've searched both sites for ACEs data and found nothing. Could...Read More...
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