Bill to address resilience education and skills training in response to climate change advances in Oregon


As reported earlier by ACEs Connection, the Oregon legislature is considering a bill, S. 1037, to establish a Transformational Resilience Task Force to make transformational resilience education and skills-training available to all Oregonians by 2025.  Under the bill, an 18-member task force would be created to study aspects of psychological, emotional, and psychosocial resilience education and skills training. 

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r to l Bob Doppelt, David Pollak, Mandy Davis

Oregon members of the International Transformation Resilience Coalition (ITRC), including ITRC coordinator, Bob Doppelt, have worked on and promoted the bill. Members of the ITRC Board including Doppelt, Mandy Davis, director of Trauma Informed Oregon and David Pollack, professor for public policy in the departments of Psychiatry, Family Medicine and the Division of Management at Oregon Health Sciences University, testified during the hour-long hearing.  The bill passed unanimously out of the Veterans and Emergency Preparedness Committee and was referred to the Ways and Means Committee. If cleared by this committee, the bill moves to the Senate floor.  For copies of the testimony, click on S. 1037 and go to the “Meeting Material/Exhibits” tab. 

After the hearing, Doppelt said he “now believes there is a significant chance that the bill will become law this legislative session. If it does, it will be the first bill of its kind in the nation to our knowledge.”

Doppelt encourages advocates to promote this approach in other states as well as at the county and municipal levels. Preliminary discussions are underway with stakeholders in California about the prospects for a similar bill in that state. 

To watch the hearing, click here and scroll to SB 1037-Public Hearing.


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