California's First Surgeon General: Screen Every Student for Childhood Trauma []


By Patrice Gaines, NBC News, October 11, 2019

Dr. Nadine Burke Harris has an ambitious dream: screen every student for childhood trauma before entering school.

"A school nurse would also get a note from a physician that says: 'Here is the care plan for this child's toxic stress. And this is how it shows up,'" said Burke Harris, who was appointed California's first surgeon general in January.

"It could be it shows up in tummy aches. Or it's impulse control and behavior, and we offer a care plan. Instead of reacting harshly and punitively, every educator is trained in recognizing these things. Instead of suspending and expelling or saying, 'What's wrong with you?' we say, 'What happened to you?'"

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I have the highest respect for Dr. Harris and her leadership within our trauma-informed movement.

As the original "ACEs 10" has now awaken us to widen our scope to include those systemic injustices, race, poverty, LGBTQ+, indigenous, etc.; would any of these be included in these screeners?   

Can anyone speak to the details of how this will be rolled out, how resources will be allocated?  Based on number of ACEs? Weighting of ACEs based on type, number of occurrence of an ACE, etc.?  How are the resources paid for? 

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