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CTIPP – How it's working for you and how you can get involved.


The Campaign for Trauma-Informed Policy and Practice (CTIPP) was created in December 2016 by representatives from diverse sectors, including education, mental health, justice, civil society, and government. We share a common commitment to preventing violence in all its forms and promoting healthy, just, and resilient communities. We inform and advocate for public policies and practices that incorporate scientific findings about the relationship between trauma, health, and well-being across the lifespan.

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National Trauma Campaign

CTIPP’s National Trauma Campaign was launched in February 2020 to recruit local liaisons for every member of the U.S. House of Representatives and Senator—people who would connect with Congressional staff members, provide information on the science of ACEs and toxic stress, and build the movement for comprehensive trauma-informed legislation. The National Trauma Campaign Core Team welcomes everyone to join this nationwide grassroots campaign to engage congressional offices and other federal leaders in supporting policies, programs, legislation, and appropriations that prevent and respond to childhood trauma and build resilience.

Individuals and organizations can sign up for the Campaign to receive the calls to action. Join in demonstrating the groundswell of support for Congress and other federal leaders to make decisions that will prevent and address childhood trauma and build resilience. The Campaign will likely issue calls to action an average of once per month.

Trauma Campaign Office Hours

Campaign Office Hours—held on the third Wednesday every month from 4:00-5:00 PM ET— are for open-ended conversation, Q&A and/or technical assistance as you continue your advocacy journey to advance trauma-informed policies. You can join us for the whole hour or hop on at any time to ask your question, get an update, etc. Please feel free to use the hour to get whatever help or information you need, or to share what you’d like to share with fellow Campaign participants.

You can direct questions about the Trauma Campaign to Jesse Kohler ( and/or Marlo Nash (

CTIPP-CAN (Community Advocacy Network)

CTIPP-CAN (Community Advocacy Network) hosts teleconferences on the third Wednesday every month from 2:00-3:30 PM ET that provide a structure for sharing information on current federal legislative activities, develop legislative strategy, solicit suggestions for legislative or policy changes, and host presentations on topics of interest or new policy development in the states. Anyone is welcome to attend, although consistent participation helps. Contact Dan Press at if you are interested in participating. We also welcome your ideas, comments, and suggestions.

How to get involved in the National Trauma Campaign and CTIPP-CAN

During both the CTIPP-CAN teleconference and the Trauma Campaign Office Hours gatherings, we will share information on the anticipated timing for the next Campaign Call to Action on the latest trauma-related federal legislation.

You can direct questions about CTIPP-CAN (and the Trauma Campaign) to Jesse Kohler ( and/or Dan Press ( We invite you to sign up for a role in the Campaign, receive our newsletter and calls to action on specific legislation, and follow our social media pages.

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National Trauma Campaign Toolkits

There are a number of CTIPP toolkits that can help you get started in advocacy as well as help you be as effective as possible:

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