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Realizing Opportunity for All Youth: Members of the National Academies Report Committee discuss the Report


April 3 2020, Charlottesville VA, presented by Institute of Law, Psychiatry and Public Policy, School of Medicine, University of Virginia.

Members of the National Academies of Science, Engineering and Medicine report committee present and discuss 

Realizing Opportunity for all Youth .

Faculty for the day will be Richard Bonnie, Professor with the UVA School of Law, and ILPPP Director, who was chair of the committee producing the report, and other members of the report committee including Joanna Williams PhD, UVA Curry School of Education, and Susan Mangold, Esq. Juvenile Law Center, Philadelphia.

Respondents/discussants will include Andrew Block JD, Associate Professor of Law, Director of the State and Local Government Clinic with the UVA School of Law, and past director of the Virginia Department of Juvenile Justice, and Julia Taylor MD, Assistant Professor of Pediatrics with the UVA School of Medicine.  Other respondents/discussants will be announced. 

More details linked here: Program details, Registration info, Continuing Education into for the program.



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