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Hello everyone,

Here's the new ACEs bill from the state of Vermont. It was just released yesterday afternoon - it hasn't been introduced yet. We are very fortunate to have a state Representative who is not only very passionate about addressing early adversity, he is open and collaborative. 


There are sections in here for many different areas - as written, the bill would require a state-wide inventory of available trauma treatment and prevention resources, of who is screening for early adversity and how. There is a position for a Trauma Informed Services director to organize evidence-based and family-focused initiatives to prevent ACEs, and to coordinate the state's Agency of Human Services in trauma-informed services, there is family wellness coach training, using the research-based Vermont Family Based Approach; primary care practices are brought in, and linked to school nurses; school nurses are provided training;parent child centers play a central role in parent education training and a plan for a stable and adequate funding stream for them is required; there is support for the use of an evidence-based screening tool in pediatric practices; the Agency of Education is direction to create a plan to develop a trauma-informed school system; the University of Vermont's College of Medicine and School of Nursing is directed to develop curricula on ACEs and health outcomes...


And, just FYI, the state of Vermont is facing a $112 million budget shortfall. That's not meant to be a downer, just a reality check. 


Now the fun begins! 

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