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ACE Response: The Center for Post-Trauma Wellness

Heather Larkin ·
Research shows that over half the middle class population has “adverse childhood experiences” (ACE) in their background, and ACEs are associated with serious later life health and social problems. The Center for Post-Trauma Wellness (CPTW)...
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It’s Coding Time: Indiana Women’s Prison Launches Computer Coding Program [indianapublicmedia.org]

Laura Pinhey ·
Laura's note: While this program does not overtly or directly address ACEs, I don't think it's too far of a stretch to speculate that the increased job opportunities, decreased recidivism, and improved income potential for these women may reduce the likelihood of additional ACEs for their children. Inmates at the Indiana Women’s Prison will soon be the first outside of California to enroll in a computer coding seminar. The Last Mile program tries to reduce recidivism and train women for a...
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