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Hi, Elaine,

I just now saw this Ask the Community. I live in south-central Indiana. Just a couple of days ago I met a registered pediatric nurse who presented about ACEs at a conference in Monroe County. She is very knowledgeable about ACEs and incorporates ACEs science into her work with children and families. She was also active in something called the "Integrated Health Advocacy Program" through the local hospital, but I am unclear if this program is still in operation (I think the funding may have been lost when the hospital changed to Indiana-University run). As I understand it, this program was ACEs-science based, but not in so many words. I have contacted her about how to view and share her Powerpoint presentation. If I hear back from her I may share the presentation on this site, or at least write a blog post about it.

I'm also interested in finding out about any ACEs initiatives in Indiana. I'll post here if I hear of any.




I live in Terre Haute. I have a private counseling practice where I use EMDR and Theraplay for resolving complex trauma. I'm also the national research director for Theraplay, and am president of the Association of Child & Adolescent Counseling. I would love to join any statewide efforts that others might begin. I've written a lot about early relational trauma and development, and would be open to doing training or consultation for agencies or schools if needed. I really hope IN  gets some momentum going-

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