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Highlights from the September 27, 2018 Sierra Learning Community

Highlights of the September 27, 2018 Sierra Learning Community


Link to the recording:  View the 9.27.18 Learning Community Event

For the first of four Sierra Learning Communities focused on resiliency, Matthew Reddam, LMFT, from Trauma Transformed presented on the Trauma Informed Systems Approach, and how it can be utilized to foster resilience in agencies, communities and the families we serve.  Matt shared how a trauma informed system is one that realizes, recognizes, responds and resists re-traumatizing.  

Next steps planned by participants:

Participants used the information presented to identify how they can integrate the trauma informed systems approach into the four practice methods listed below.  

Well-Being services to support individuals and families

  • Wrap Around Services
  • Mobile Dental/medical / 0-5 Assessment (Ages and Stages Questionnaire)
  • Infuse Trauma Informed Environmental Scans in Offices
  • Give staff time off around the holidays for shopping! (Stress Reduction)
  • Alpine County has a Health and Wellness Coalition-- so they want to continue the collaboration!
  • Counseling in Schools for Youth
  • Integrate Behavioral Health with Primary Care
  • Increase Recognition of challenges of the job. From the “top”, down. 
  • Develop habits of mindfulness in the workplace.
  • Create a common language for goals, issues and solutions.
  • Use protective factors to identify needed resources

Growth and Development activities to enrich lives

  • Includes Referrals and Access to Continued Education:
  • College Connect
  • Certification Classes
  • Parent Partners / Youth Partners 
  • ACES Connection
  • Educate Youth on ACES and Trauma 101
  • Teaching about ACES Connection (regular citizens)
  • Go after teacher’s learning environments

Civic Engagement to address issues of public interest

  • School Board Meetings (Champion)
  • Run for Public Office
  • Board of Supervisors Meeting (Champion)
  • On-line newsletter “Next Door Markleeville” to post articles
  • Tell our story with data.

Community Building to leverage resources to support healthy family and resident life

  • Create a Collaborative to identify needs.
  • Alpine County is considering going to a Trauma Informed County!
  • Speak to leadership groups about ACES Connection


Next Steps for the Sierra Learning Community…Continue the Resiliency Series 

All Learning Communities can be attended on-line from your own computer; at remote sites throughout the region, where you may view the presentation and participate in discussions with your local colleagues; or in-person, at the hub in Jackson. 

Thursday, November 8, 2018 Build Resilient Communities by Fostering Trust and Finding Champions.  Explore how innovative Child Abuse Prevention Month activities can promote resilience.   Learn self-care strategies to stay motivated! 

Thursday, February 7, 2019 Promoting Resilience through Partnerships with Behavioral Health Systems.  Explore successful approaches to address behavioral health needs of children and families living in rural communities, including disaster related interventions.  

Thursday, May 16, 2019 Tools to Build Resilience in Families, Agencies, and Communities.   Explore evidence-based tools and interventions for addressing Behavioral Health and Domestic Violence issues in the Sierra Nevada Region. 







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