Using the ACES Connection to Promote Collaboration: Highlights from the June 14, 2018 Sierra Region Learning Community


Highlights of the June 14, 2018 Learning Community

Gail Kennedy from ACES Connection and Tracy Fauver from Resilient Yolo (and Executive Director of Yolo County CASA) provided an excellent overview of how the ACES Connection on-line platform can be used to promote collaboration to build strong families and communities. Resilient Yolo County was used as an example to help spark thinking about the many uses of ACES Connection, and how it has helped to support collaboration.

The participants were provided an opportunity to take an on-line tour of the ACES Connection website, and join the newly formed Strategies 2.0 Sierra Region Community. Participants pondered the question of how the ACES Connection can be used to develop a virtual community hub or Family Resource Center.

Next steps planned by participants include:

 Starting an ACES Connection Community for their county.
 Link relevant websites (such as existing Facebook Pages, community hubs, etc.) to the ACES Connection Regional and local community.
 Host a training on ACES Connection locally.
 Find a local champion/lead agency to sponsor an ACES Connection Community.
 Introduce existing county and local coalitions to the ACES Connection platform.
 Work on description of Resilient Amador -- what is it?
 Have Resilient Amador representatives present to the Amador Board of Supervisors.
 Train staff on ACES and Trauma Informed Care.
 Encourage staff to join ACES Connection.
 Meet with ACES Connection and El Dorado County ACES Collaborative folks to learn about their work, not reinvent the wheel!
 Use OCAP county consultants to learn about best practices.
 Start a virtual book / movie club using ACES Connection.
 Connect with Amador County Network of Care.
 Include Native American communities in work/communities.
 Start with Sierra Regional ACES Community
 Link agencies/groups together using ACES Connection.
 Educate agency leaders, staff, and parent partners.
 Use schools/libraries as hubs for services in rural areas.
 Bookmark ACES connection webpage in libraries
 Join Trauma Informed Library Community
 Partner across counties!

Next Steps for the Sierra Nevada Learning Community…

We begin a new year for the Strategies 2.0 Sierra Nevada Learning Community. We have 2 dates selected:

• Thursday, September 27, 2018
• Thursday, November 8, 2017

In the coming month, we will begin selecting topics for the next year’s convenings. Keep an eye out for a survey monkey with a list of topics to consider, and prioritize.

Link to view the recording from the event: June 14, 2018 Sierra Learning Community and see SLIDES attached.


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