ACEsConnection Communities Taking an ACEs History -- Who's Doing It and How?

Taking an ACEs History -- Who's Doing It and How?

If you're doing ACEs histories, please do a short blog post or contact one of the community managers so that we can do so for you.
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November 2019

Dr. Vincent J. Felitti, M.D. has been recognized with the Albert Einstein Award of Medicine by the International Association of Who’s Who []

By Kentucky Reports, November 9, 2019 Dr. Vincent J. Felitti has over 50 years of experience in the field of Internal Medicine with extensive knowledge in the areas of childhood trauma, the genetic disease Hemochromatosis, and obesity. Serving as a Clinical Professor of Medicine at the University of California since 1982, Dr. Felitti’s knowledge and experience is broad and significantly biopsychosocial. Dr. Felitti achieved his Medical Degree from Johns Hopkins in 1962 after being inspired...

Emergency Department Admissions for Child Sexual Abuse in the United States from 2010 to 2016 []

By Jesse J. Helton, Jason T. Carbone, et al., JAMA Pediatrics, November 4, 2019 For children who have been sexually abused, emergency department (ED) professionals provide immediate medical care, including testing and treatment for sexually transmitted infections, prophylaxis for potential HIV exposure, and emergency contraception. In some cases, ED clinicians conduct forensic examinations to assist with child protection and criminal investigations. Physicians and nurses in EDs are among the...

5 Questions: Kenneth Paul Rosenberg on Why Mental Illness is 'The Greatest Social Crisis of Our Time' []

By Sandy Bauers, The Philadelphia Inquirer, October 23, 2019 In 1946, Life magazine published an exposé on mental hospitals, focusing on the Philadelphia State Hospital at Byberry. The title: “Bedlam 1946.” That dreadful facility, like so many others, eventually closed. A good thing? Not completely, according to Kenneth Paul Rosenberg, who maintains that people simply went from one horrific situation to another, from the grossly inadequate institutions to the dangerous streets. In neither...

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