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PACEsConnectionCommunitiesTaking an ACEs History -- Who's Doing It and How?

Taking an ACEs History -- Who's Doing It and How?

If you're doing ACEs histories, please do a short blog post or contact one of the community managers so that we can do so for you.

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ACEs Screening Survey

Do you or your organization screen for adverse childhood experiences? If so, how? Here are a few questions.

Re: ACEs Screening Survey

Loraine Lucinski ·
I am glad that this topic is being explored. As a person with a very high ACE score who has had the opportunity to mitigate most of the impacts over many years, I want to assure we screen for a purpose. I do not wish to be screened every year at a well-woman visit just for the purposes of a doctor checking that a screening has been completed. The screen has to be followed up with "have you had opportunities to address these ACEs as an adult and how do you feel these experiences are currently...
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