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Free Drop-In Wellness Group for Teens March 5, 2020 (Grades 7-12) (SAY Sonoma Co CA)

Teen (Grades 7-12) About this Event Are you looking for new ways to look at challenges? More positive ways to express yourself? Interested in learning about healthy coping skills? Social Advocates for Youth will host a series of 1-hour drop-in groups once a week for teens ages 12-19. We'll focus on supporting mental wellness and healthy ways to cope with challenges. Come make art and share, or just listen. All teens welcome. Please sign up online or drop-in to check it out . Ask at the...

ACEs Connection, our Cooperative of Communities, and....Pando!

Last month, we officially launched the ACEs Connection Cooperative of Communities. We are SO excited about this! And the communities that are part of the handful of ACEs initiatives that are piloting the Cooperative are, too! Before describing the Cooperative, I want to reassure our 40,000+ members and 277 ACEs initiatives (plus another 100 in development) that have communities on ACEs Connection that nothing on changes! Membership is and remains free ! And it will remain...

WEBINAR: Public Libraries: Vital Partners in Family Engagement

DATE: Wednesday, March 4, 2020 TIME: 11am-1pm PST Public libraries are accessible, offering diverse, intergenerational programming, and serving families from low-income homes at a high rate compared to other community providers. In this webinar, the Public Library Association, a division of the American Library Association, will enlighten new and experienced early childhood program staff, parents, and others about the potential of public libraries to act as learning spaces and connect...

New Library Art Exhibit Makes Hope Visible

By Brian Hero, February 4, 2020, CSUSM Alessandra Colfi is an expressive arts therapist who worked with patients at the San Diego Cancer Research Institute. She also is a practicing Buddhist fascinated with Eastern culture. So, one day about eight years ago, Colfi stumbled upon the idea of borrowing the concept of the Tibetan prayer flag – a colorful rectangular cloth often found strung among trails and peaks high in the Himalayas – and incorporating it into her sessions with cancer...

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