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October 2020

"A Better Normal" Community Discussion: Suicide Awareness and Community Cafes

Join us on Friday November 6, 2020 from noon to 1:00 PST as we come together and join Satya Chandragiri MD, Bonnie O’Hern RN, Denise PNP, & Michael Polacek RN for a discussion around the tender issue of suicide. Together we will discuss ways people and providers can support each other and encourage communities to take action to support one another around suicide prevention, crisis intervention, and the layers of culture and structural barriers to care. A special emphasis will be on...

Commentary: Rural Public Libraries as Telehealth Providers During Covid-19 (Daily Yonder)

By Craig Settles, October 22, 2020, Daily Yonder. A public library in Pottsboro, Texas, offered telehealth services to its patrons throughout the pandemic despite broadband access issues. Now, it could become a blueprint for a national rural network of libraries providing access to telehealth. A couple of years ago I wrote several pieces advocating for libraries to become part of telehealth hubs., I argued that libraries reach out and touch virtually everyone in their communities across the...

Instagram sensation Tanqueray proves survival not enough when childhood trauma extends through life

What does a viral social media story of an exotic dancer in the 1960s have to do with the health and well-being of Black children today? A recent series of posts on the Instagram account “Humans of New York” detail Tanqueray, nee Stephanie, a septuagenarian, bedazzled, faux mink–adorned spitfire and the scandalous tales of her childhood and life as a Black burlesque dancer in mid-century New York City . On the surface these stories are entertaining. However, as a pediatrician in Chicago,...

NOW AVAILABLE ON DEMAND: The Repressed Role of Adverse Childhood Experiences in Adult Well-Being, Disease and Social Functioning: Turning Gold into Lead (Dr. Vincent J. Felitti) []

The ACE Study reveals how typically unrecognized adverse childhood experiences are not only common, but causally underlie a number of the most common causes of adult social malfunction, biomedical disease, and premature death. Moreover, it enables one to see that the Public Health Problem is often an individual’s attempted Solution to childhood experiences about which we keep ourselves unaware. A renowned physician and researcher, Dr. Vincent J. Felitti is one of the world’s foremost experts...

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