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Celebrating community engagement for October is Resilience Month!

I was reflecting on another event-packed Resilience Awareness month, with Family Fun Nights, City and County Proclamations, Yard Signs, Banners and flags, sandwich boards, Screenager documentary, resilience tips daily and sheep brains. Wait, what? Sheep brains?? Yes! In partnership with Whitman College's Science Department, we used sheep brains as part of our STEAM events and they were a hit! One grandmom reported it was her grandson's favorite! Another family came back to a second event, to...

ACEs Connection's Inclusion Tool makes sure nobody's left out

We developed ACEs Connection's Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Tool — called the Inclusion Tool, for short — to ensure that ACEs initiatives across the world focus on being inclusive when forming a steering committee, recruiting leaders, providing education about ACEs science, recruiting members, or providing resources and services within their communities. The more inclusive your ACEs initiative is, the more diverse it will be, giving your initiative a real shot at achieving equity and...

Capacity building via rocks!

On a beautiful fall Saturday at our local Farmers Market, we encouraged kids (and parents) to paint a rock, and then hide it somewhere to surprise the individual discovering the rock with its message of kindness, encouragement or even emojis! The Community is the Solution puzzle was a great conversation starter with adults, and was a natural kick-start to explaining our work!

October is Resilience Month in our Valley

CRI supported Walla Walla Clinic, Walla Walla Parks and Recreation and Michelle Coleman, LICSW, in the community event for the screening of Screenagers , a film addressing digital screen time and health issues (obesity, social isolation, mental health) in youth. CRI's resource table distributed our Practice a Resilience Strategy Every Day calendar (see it displayed in the attachment), our new Resilience across the Life Span bookmark, and other items for education and awareness. Great fun and...

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