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Partner Showcase No. 6 - Sonia Cole

The Heart of the Matter --

“We realized that in order to have a trauma informed practice we needed to have trauma informed self-care in order to not only sustain our careers but actually increase our compassion”. Sonia Cole


Paradigm shifts were uncommon several years ago. Today, in our fast paced world of technology and change we might face new paradigm shifts every day. Sonia’s words are important because they contain a format that can help us shift from an old paradigm that is no longer serving anyone into a reality that is well suited to our individual purpose.

A simplified version of Sonia’s quote is provided below so anyone can use it for their own situation or circumstance. Join me in using Sonia’s profound words to shift a current paradigm, whatever that paradigm might be. Just take a moment to ponder what paradigm in your life needs to shift and then fill in the blanks.

I/We realized that in order to improve my/our ____________ I/we need more self-care.  

One Man’s Definition of Self-Care

Self-care begins with awareness. Spending time with our-self to become aware of unconscious thoughts is more essential to self-care than anything else. Without awareness of underlying thoughts and emotions we are powerless to make changes in our lives. For the first time in history, powerful transformative methods are becoming more available each day to anyone with a sincere desire for change.

Self-care administrators are interested in learning what others have learned for themselves about self-care. If you have a self-care formula, please share in the comment box below. The comment box can also be used for questions or to ask for more explicit instructions or information.

The final step of self-care involves connecting in meaningful ways with others. Each one of us has a unique self-care path that is always in motion with our environment. Our ability to be in tune with our environment requires daily practice. Like practicing any art we can fine tune ourselves to greater awareness and higher potential.

Children’s Administration Supervisor, Sonia Cole has been a tremendous asset to making Walla Walla a more resilient community. After practicing self-care for awhile Sonia realized “the team at Children’s Services looks at things a little differently now. We used to focus on behavior rather than state of mind. We’re more aware now of brains states, our own, as well as anybody else and we respond more effectively ... We pay more attention to emotional regulation”.





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