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Celebrating community engagement for October is Resilience Month!

I was reflecting on another event-packed Resilience Awareness month, with Family Fun Nights, City and County Proclamations, Yard Signs, Banners and flags, sandwich boards, Screenager documentary, resilience tips daily and sheep brains. Wait, what? Sheep brains?? Yes! In partnership with Whitman College's Science Department, we used sheep brains as part of our STEAM events and they were a hit! One grandmom reported it was her grandson's favorite!  Another family came back to a second event, to spend more time on the brain, and how our brains learn to respond to stress, and what happens when we feel threatened or unsafe. A community member approached me and said she was thrilled to receive the Resilience tip a day (on our facebook) and how she shared it with everyone at the teen shelter. A community college instructor asked to use our Brain States cards with every incoming student in her College Life Skills class.

It was a great month! Resilience-ing as a verb is what we demonstrated!


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  • photo collage of October events: Resilience is a verb!

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