Come Play and Learn with CRI at Speed Gaming! A 2019 Beyond Paper Tigers BIG IDEA Session


We know that children learn through play, but adults can as well! Thus at the Beyond Paper Tigers Conference, CRI is offering a chance to learn and have fun in an exclusive first- Speed Gaming!

Remember Speed Dating? Well, neither do we, but a fun session of this year’s conference is our version called Speed Gaming, without the embarrassing questions, geeky outfits, or overblown claims that one had to sit through with Speed Dating!

Instead of a row of bachelors facing you, we will have Resilience Strategies games set up to play in 15-minute rounds. Go from “Resilience Trumps ACEs” to “Resilience City” and on to “Battle ACEs” and enjoy having fun while being exposed to our resilience deck of cards and games. You’ll also be able to check out how to throw a “Resilience Treasure Hunt” party or practice Resilience Strategies from the 180-day perpetual calendar. Want to know how to host a Celebration Station? Run a Restoration Mat? We’ll have all these set up to explore! And don’t leave this session until you have experienced the “Energy Stick” exercise.

CRI is recognized for its unique approach in building strategies and practices based on the sciences represented in the acronym NEAR– Neuroscience, Epigenetics, ACEs and Resilience. We build on that basis by adding our experience with community capacity building and attention to the broader aspect of contextual community resilience. This session will expose you to some of our Big Ideas that have shaped our community movement.

"Recently, a Licensed Mental Health professional told us that she was tentative about the learning with games at first, but they were a huge success! Her young client loved the deck, and got totally into the games! We just want to put a fun spin to learning, and we hope it can be catchy!" - Teri Barila

Come have fun and learn at the Speed Gaming! Session. Another BIG IDEA in the BIG ROOM!


Teri Barila is a co-founder and current CEO of the Community Resilience Initiative.  She holds a MS in Fisheries Management and a BS in Biology. She uses her science background to communicate with precision the science of ACEs and resilience.  She is involved extensively in training, consulting, writing and researching in the area of trauma, resilience and community capacity building. Her work has attracted attention in a variety of venues, in part due to the focus Teri places on grassroots organizational development and the focus on the hope of Resilience.

Teri's Speed Gaming Session Description is the third of CRI's newest 5-part series titled "Big Ideas in the Big Room." Stay tuned for the next showcase!

The 2019 Beyond Paper Tigers Trauma-Informed Care Conference on June 26 & 27, 2019 will revolve around the theme, “Building Resilience Across the Life Span,” with Pre-Conference Trainings, Social/Networking event, and film screenings beginning on Tuesday June 25, 2019. The conference will be held at the Red Lion Hotel in Pasco, WA. Click here for session information, or to purchase tickets.

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