Kids at Hope Storytelling at the Beyond Paper Tigers Conference 2019 (Video)


It was an incredible opportunity to experience the Beyond Paper Tigers Conference this year. One of our Head Start teachers, Lyn, and myself arrived in Pasco a day ahead to participate in the Course 2 Trauma-Informed training offered by Community Resilience Initiative. Thus began our excitement that would last for the following days - the training giving us strategies and ideas to improve the work we do in serving children and families. Following the training was a networking opportunity with fellow attendees, of which we encountered some familiar faces and made new connections. 

Both days of the conference were filled with several choices, leading Lyn and I to divide and conquer what presentations seemed to be most related to our work. 

The morning Keynote for day 2 of the conference provided a platform for many individuals to share stories of their work, which felt like an opportune moment to recount the cultural framework that shifted the mindset of our community at the Franklin Pierce Early Learning Center: Kids at Hope.

For me, the highlight of the Keynote was learning from the stories others' shared of their work, communities, challenges, and successes. There was an immeasurable amount of value and insight gained from this experience. We are excited to bring this new knowledge back to our organization and the surrounding community to better support children and families!

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