October is Resilience Month in our Valley

CRI supported Walla Walla Clinic, Walla Walla Parks and Recreation and Michelle Coleman, LICSW, in the community event for the screening of Screenagers, a film addressing digital screen time and health issues (obesity, social isolation, mental health) in youth. CRI's resource table distributed our Practice a Resilience Strategy Every Day calendar (see it displayed in the attachment), our new Resilience across the Life Span bookmark, and other items for education and awareness. Great fun and a wonderful educational opportunity for our community! 



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I saw Screenagers several months ago. It is definitely applicable to ACEs. Screentime  -- parents being so involved in their screens they ignore their children; children so involved in their screens they do not develop social skills, they forego real relationships, time outside playing, etc. -- is a threat to mental health. I am glad the physician/creator/producer made this documentary. The talk-back after the documentary was an eye-opener. Teenagers there voiced their concern about their parents' screentime; they were also concerned about friends. 

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