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Purple Hearts, Compassion, De-traumatizing

Now is the Time for ALL GOOD to come to the Hearts and Minds of Everyone

Everyone has an inherent power to multiply love and graciousness toward others, affect someone’s life and change our world. The audience was amazed how the fourteen partner/presenters at the Walla Walla Partners Showcase explained the simplicity of how they are making a difference. They exemplified how each and every one of us has great potential to make our world a better place for all.

Over the next few days and weeks I’ll be featuring each of the 14 presenters, one at a time. My intention is to clearly show how each individual makes a huge difference to our collective world circumstances and conditions.

Partner Showcase #1 of 14

Patrol Sergeant Kevin Bramen is not your typical policeman. Why, because he learned how to resolve conflicts through the power of compassion and empathy. Working at Lincoln High School opened Bramen’s eyes to the difficulties in people’s lives that cause them to act out. Bramen learned and developed a calm and caring approach at Lincoln that de-escalates volatile situations and provides a safe environment in otherwise traumatizing situations.

By understanding that adverse life situations cause people to act out from a survival mechanism in the brain, Bramen is able turn hostile environments into situations that make police officers out to be true heroes. A man who can turn violence into a loving and caring situation is a man who truly deserves a Purple Heart award.

Bramen’s ability to empathize with the students at Lincoln gave him the demeanor and recognition that put him in the position of coach and trainer of other officers in Walla Walla. Thank you Sergeant Bramen. May your peace of mind multiply and increase throughout our land.



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Love it, Ty!  What a great idea to highlight each of these 14 perspectives, as there is much to learn from all of them.  I was certainly inspired by Sgt. Bramen's story. Once he learned about ACEs, he indicated "everything changed" for him. Teaching compassion and resilience to new officers is the result of that change. What a great resource to have in your community.  

Thank you Kevin-  and all who dedicate their lives to community safety through service, integrity and pride (the three values of our local Walla Walla Police Department). Kevin gives back in many ways, including being a "Friend" to a young boy in our mentoring organization, Friends of Children of Walla Walla. This exemplifies Kevin's attitude of "resilience in action."

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