Resilience tips for today's environment

Heart of the matter_POSTER with toolbox for Child Care Provider 

I came across this graphic I had used for a Child Care Providers training.  It made me think of families looking for tips while in "shelter in place". For Claim my calm, a parent's ability to remain calm is important for children to see modeled. "Serve and return" in action! calmonself [1)

Find my safe zone in  my mind is having structure and routines in place. Our card clearexp speaks to this (and by the way, read books together as part of the routine!).  Name my feelings helps us calm our emotions, or name it to tame it. as Dan Siegel says. expfeelings Build connections can be holding family meetings, havemeet a great way to iron out disagreements peacefully. Know my brain state is all about recognizing that trigger wanting to grab holdtriggers (step outside and grab sunshine for a moment!).  Share your smile is empathy in action showempathy. Stay safe and distance connect as much as you can!


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