Stages and Ages: Make a Splash with our Fisheries-Inspired Activity! A Not-To-Be-Missed Social/Networking Event at 2019 BPT Pre-Conference


"In our community, we were first exposed to ACEs and brain architecture.

We frequently talked about the impact of ACEs.

Until this happened when Dr. Rob Anda came in.

Because of this brave mom who shared her 10 ACE childhood

Because of that vulnerability in a first exposure to ACEs

Until finally… I finally knew we had to do this

And now I was convinced to start CRI."

- Our own Teri Barila uses the 7-Sentence Story model to tell of CRI's Incubation Stage. 
We are excited to bring to you a new activity- Stages and Ages- which will be featured during the 2019 BPT Pre-Conference.
To attendees of the 2019 Beyond Paper Tigers Conference, CRI invites you to a Social/Networking Event on Tuesday June 25, 2019 from 5-7pm at the Red Lion Hotel in Pasco, WA. Wine, sparkling water, crackers and cheese will be available for you to enjoy during networking. You will also be able to complete conference registration during the Social/Networking event- including the selection of a Stage Label to add to your name tag (more information below!)
For those who remember CRI's Puzzle Activity during the 2018 BPT Conference, we have designed another activity to share with you all. We hope that you find it fun and engaging!
As you may know, the theme for the 2019 BPT Conference is "Building Resilience Across a Lifespan." CRI developed an eight-stage change cycle- inspired by a salmon life-cycle, and a tribute to CEO Teri Barila's background in fisheries. The cycle represents a living system of "Stages for Ages." We believe that we are able to build resilient communities when we know the “stages” of living systems work and apply these across the life span “ages." 
You'll have the opportunity to choose which of the eight stages you align with most, be it your work, your individual growth, or simply a curiosity you hold. Once you've selected a stage, choose the corresponding label to add to your name tag. Then reflect on this stage, share it with others, and if you are so inspired, even get started on a 7-Sentence Story. View the full activity instructions!
At 4 pm on Wednesday, the first day of the conference, there will be a mini-session with Anne Nelson. We will use this model of 7-Sentence Stories to create and finalize our own- to tell our compelling success stories, to describe the movement in each of our communities. We'll even invite participants (via lottery) to share during the Keynote of Day Two! 
Ultimately, we hope this activity helps you all take home more inspiration, more pizzazz in your marketing, and more connection with others!
The Social/Networking event is included with a 2019 BPT Conference ticket, and will also feature a screening of the film Broken Places, by Roger Weisberg. Read here for more information:

The 2019 Beyond Paper Tigers Trauma-Informed Care Conference on June 26 & 27, 2019 will revolve around the theme, “Building Resilience Across the Life Span,” with Pre-Conference Trainings, Social/Networking event, and film screenings beginning on Tuesday June 25, 2019. The conference will be held at the Red Lion Hotel in Pasco, WA. Click here for session information, or to purchase tickets.


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