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Dr. Don Ashley is not your typical pediatrician. If I’m reading Dr. Ashley correctly, he suggests that our bodies hold memory patterns from early childhood experiences that control our biological and decision making processes throughout our lives. In his words: “Pretty scary to have your body sabotage your health, sabotage your marriage, and sabotage your work”.

New brain science and the study on Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) reveal that certain habits that are established as protective mechanisms during infancy are the underlying cause of dis-ease.  People who have experienced a lot of fear automatically establish internal programs that keep them on alert. People who have gone for extended periods of time without getting needs met have established similar patterns. These patterns produce strong chemicals that can save your life in a dangerous situation or slowly destroy your life if they continue to run in the background of your subconscious.

Many of these destructive patterns continue to create havoc in our bodies unless we can become aware of them and make a conscious decision to turn them off. The difficulty with becoming aware of them is the fact that most of these patterns of behavior were created from emotions rather than cognition. They were created from emotion because we were too young to have adequate language to name them and therefore as adults we lack sufficient verbal and cognitive knowledge to even know what they are. Even if we could identify them we still need proper training and skill at turning them off.

Scientists of epigenetics have discovered that changing the expression of DNA is simply a matter of changing our thoughts and feelings about things. Joey Klein, author of The Inner Matrix has devised a cutting-edge system to transform your life by shifting deep mental, emotional, and physical patterns that create stress and limit your success. I have personally been using a system similar to Joey’s for several years and I love the new format that Joey has provided in his book.

According to Joey “it is what lives inside our mind, emotions, body, and spirit that creates the matrix of our inner experience. In turn, that inner matrix determines how we process and define our world. We bring our mind, emotions, body, and spirit to the relationships we have with others, and this inner matrix dictates our ability or inability to thrive in those relationships. Through the lens of our mind, emotions, body, and spirit, we process, define, and influence everything that shows up in our lives”.

According to Dr. Don Ashley:

“We now understand that chronic overproduction of cortisol is the biology that drives the tradeoff between survival in the here and now, but unless you find resilience - at the cost of dramatically fewer years of healthy life”.

“Too often, instead of therapy, it is straight to a chemical straitjacket and sometimes early placement in a group home”.

Dr. Ashely summed up his contribution at the 2016 Partner Showcase with a warning:

“Add yet another psychotropic medication to their list of medications? Or, use the trauma and resilience tools we now have available? Which will we choose?

To join an upcoming guided book study, complete with 9 weeks of building your strategy to assimilate the practices of Joey’s book, send your response in the box below or send a text message to (509) 593-9635. 

Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.  -- Carl Jung

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