Walla Walla selected to end youth and young adult homelessness


As part of A Way Home Washington initiative to end homelessness among youth, Walla Walla was selected to be one of only four Anchor Sites! We were recognized in part for our trauma-informed work.

In 2005, CRI began researching accompanied teens in Walla Walla as part of the County Homeless task force. CRI, partnered with then-Whitman Student Shae Healey took on the youth component of the force. This research ultimately led to the opening of several initiatives, such as the HUB on Third- a center that provides emergency housing, counseling, childcare, job placement, and other services for youth in Walla Walla. Additionally, CRI helped open the Heath Center to provide medical services to homeless and low-income students through Lincoln High School, and CRI created a childcare program for those students with infants or toddlers.

Thus we are excited and honored that our community was selected to joinA Way Home Washington initiative's endeavor to to end youth and young adult homelessness by 2022.

As quoted in the Union Bulletin, executive director of A Way Home Washington Jim Theofelis says, "The goal is to create what’s called a 'Yes to Yes' system where a person or family that says, 'Yes, I need support' can find a reciprocating 'yes' to services and systems that can answer the call."

The initiative officially launched November 28th, 2018.

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What a dreamy initiative - and with incredible support already in place! I cannot wait to learn more! Karen

From the news article:   The Anchor Community Initiatives first announced in late September by Trudi Inslee, first lady of Washington and co-chair of A Way Home Washington.

What begins with four communities, including Yakima, Spokane and Pierce counties, will eventually grow to 12 or 15, organizers hope.

The announcement was attended by Stone Gossard and Mark McCready, members of Pearl Jam. The Seattle-rooted band has made the effort one of its centerpiece investments to address homelessness in the state on the heels of its Home Shows. The concert series in four cities, including Seattle, was an unprecedented campaign between the band and a massive collection of businesses and other stakeholders to raise funds and awareness of homelessness and the lack of affordable housing in the cities where performances took place.