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Washington State Frontiers of Innovation requests Letter of Interest from Community Leaders for First 1,000 Days Project


The First 1,000 Days Project may be of interest to many of my fellow Washingtonians in this group! This project is attempting to answer these questions

  • “What will it take to get 1,000 Babies in 1,000 Days born in one or 2 different communities to thrive, regardless of the stress their families may have been experiencing at their birth?
  • How do we find them sooner, figure out which families need more support, target those supports, and track how the population is doing?
  • What can we learn and change across the multiple systems that are most involved with families?
  • What longer term issues may need to be addressed in policy and practice to demonstrate that we are using the science to collectively build stronger families and communities?”


…by building a coordinated community response to reduce the impacts of ACEs. Click here to learn more and share this exciting opportunity for Washington State communities with your colleagues and community members!

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