What does FUN have to do with brain function?

Now I know why Rick Griffin is so well loved by the Walla Walla community.  I joined a group of 40 people last night and engaged in an entertaining evening of fun and learning. We played games and laughed while Rick directed the fun and informed us about the importance of community care. One of the games we played gave us the direct experience of caring for others. I was amazed how good I felt after an hour of learning and games.

Then today as I sat in a critical thinking class at WWCC I learned that the Swiss have reformed their educational system to study less and have more fun. Swiss kids are now among the top performers in standardized testing and the results are based on kids attending school for fewer hours per week and engaging in more recess time. The Swiss are proving that kids learn better when they have more fun, and that’s exactly what I experienced last night.

Rick Griffin is the Executive Director of Jubilee Leadership Academy. He’s not Swiss but he definitely knows the educational secret about having fun. I suggest you get on our mailing list to be invited to our next fun night to learn about the power of community care. If you thought personal care was important just wait and see what you can learn at our next event. Just send an email to HeartsTrumpACEs@gmail.com and put “FUN ED” in the subject line. I’ll make sure you stay informed.


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