Who is Responsible?

Everyone wants to flourish in their own uniqueness because the ability to express our individuality is the point of origin to live a self-sufficient and fulfilling life. Our individual ability to feel safe to unplug from cultural norms is the beginning of our ability to thrive in a healthy environment. And no environment can be healthy for everyone until everyone feels safe to express their truth. And if one person lives in an unhealthy environment, everyone lives in an unhealthy environment.

Laura Porter spoke today at the Walla Walla Public Schools full district staff training. She presented alarming statistics with solutions that could solve many of our world problems. If only our curriculum, agendas and broadcasting systems were spending only a small percentage of time providing the solutions that are available to this critical information. Let’s face it, that’s not going to happen until YOU and I step up and be the ones we were waiting for.

There must have been more than 100 public school employees that heard Laura present wise and valuable solutions to the progressively increasing adversity in our nation. According to statistics 27% of adults have an ACEs score of three or more. Compare that to 42% of tenth grade high school students who have a score of three or more. And Laura mentioned that the Public School Staff that were attending her lecture probably have a higher ACEs score than the general population average. At this rate of cognitive deterioration, can we afford to continue to raise children facing this level of adversity in their lives and not be concerned?

The big lesson for me today was the importance of culture. We create our culture by the things we talk about. Laura suggested spending at least 60% of our time talking about meaningful things.

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looks good!! The new sentence is more powerful (in my opinion) because it
highlights your title, who is responsible? We are responsible for the next
generation, and the next...

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