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October 2017

Oh what a night! Expressing emotion through mindful art!

What can be better than dinner together and mindful art as a way to express our feelings! Walla Walla families left with smiles on their faces and wet canvases in hand after spending a delightful two hours with Brigette Phillips and the CRI Team, creating beauty. Breathing buddies, feelings charts, and "how do I feel" were additional activities available for the children (one youngster actually drew 28 "faces" of how he feels!). Thanks to Brigette for...

Walla Walla County Commissioners recognize CRI

It was a great honor to be recognized by the Walla Walla County Commissioners for our community-wide work in mobilizing action for a resilient community. This is the first proclamation by the county, and it was initiated through the efforts of Michael Bates, director of the Department of Court Services, Juvenile Justice Center (JJC). Mike has been involved throughout the development of Walla Walla's response to ACEs through resilience, and was one of the first partners to implement...

Resilience in Action at a CRI Partner Fund Raiser!

If you follow our blog, you know we are celebrating "October as Resilience Awareness Month." One event which took place last night taught me the value of positive attitude, a stiff upper lip, and how to have fun while in the brainstem! Valley Residential Services, one of our strong CRI partners, had their "Dancing with the WW2 Stars." Nancy Riggle, VRS Executive Director, asked me to help out. How do you say "no" to someone like Nancy? You don't!! I chose neither the song, the dance, the...

Walla Walla (WA) City Council Proclamation — October is Resilience Awareness Month

The kick-off event for our Resilience Awareness community campaign started with the Mayor Allen Pomraning signing a proclamation at the Walla Walla City Council session September 27th. The Proclamation noted CRI's focus on the help, healing and hope that comes when a community understands the impact trauma can have, and how together, we support each other by building stronger connections across all domains and sectors. With a yard sign in hand, members of the CRI planning team celebrated...

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