March 2018

Beyond Paper Tigers Presenter Showcase! Embracing Our Vulnerabilities: Art and Authenticity with Brigette Phillips and Shasta Meyers

In Japan, there is a form of art called Kintsugi, the process of repairing a broken piece of ceramic with gold, filling in its cracks. Such a technique renders the piece more beautiful in the eyes of the artist; it celebrates the object’s history, its unique story, and emphasizes the beauty of damage instead of disguising it. To feel this truth about ourselves, however, requires an accepting space and practice. When upcoming Beyond Paper Tigers conference presenter, Brigette Phillips, began...

Cookie Monster launches Sesame Street Family Fun Night at Head Start!

Head Start/ECEAP families enjoyed our Sesame Street Community Toolkit launch by engaging in four stations with their children on skill-building activities. Cookie Monster wandered the halls and visited the guests, and shared pizza and of course cookies with the children. Every family left with a Sesame Street book and big smiles! We are excited to now move into a six module series with Early Learning Coalition members, and spread the word of how Big Bird and Friends manage trauma by building...

Hope Heals: Lighting Hope for Walla Walla's Homeless

“Four and a half years ago when I started Hope Heals, I helped two people. By the second year, I had helped 28. Then 321 in the third year. In 2016, I helped 2031 people, and in 2017, I helped 2131 people.” Hope Heals, now a bright light in the Walla Walla community and preparing for its first large fundraiser on Friday, has been growing exponentially since its conception. Yet it began as a faint lightbulb. On March 26th 2008, Dr. Robert Anda visited Walla Walla on behalf of CRI to present...

Beyond Paper Tigers Presenter Showcase! Teaching Employability in Prisons: Tony McGuire’s Harmony of Emotional Resilience and Building Instruction

Tony McGuire- a member of Community Resilience Initiative, and an instructor for Walla Walla Community College at the Washington State Penitentiary- had divided his Building Maintenance class into random groups where white supremacists may be working on the same team as Native Americans. This choice was intentional; “there’s no affiliation on a job site, so you don’t get that here,” Tony told his students. Yet not long after the start of such teamwork, tools began flying. One student was...

The Journey From Me to We: The Walla Walla Way

“We’re all humans and we’re all going through the same things,” Kelsey Sisavath explains. “It’s important for everyone to know. It can change your perspective on how you see yourself, how you see others, and how you see the world.” The “it” Kelsey is talking about is trauma-informed and resilience-building practices based on the science of adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) . She has a unique perspective on the topic given her range of experiences throughout her 19 years of life. The story...

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