April 2017

What is "Beyond Paper Tigers"?

Information is the most powerful and effective tool we have because it has the power to touch hearts, change lives and transform communities. Teri Barila has been reaching out with impact in the community of Walla Walla and the transformation is real. I attended the last few minutes of a monthly CRI meeting today where our community gathers together to share stories about the monumental strides that are being made in Walla Walla. The feelings of those in the room overtook me as I stood...

PROMISING Strategies, Practices, Approaches

Beyond Paper Tigers Conference 2017 Wednesday, June 28 & Thursday, June 29, 2017 A fast-paced information and strategies conference for educators, clinicians, mental health workers & law enforcement. Learn how to effectively use cutting-edge brain science to address the overwhelming effects of chronic stress and trauma in the development of children. Beyond Paper Tigers 2017 provides a universal approach to this global concern. Follow the link below to register for the...

Self-Regulation Requires Community Care

A growing body of research shows that mental and emotional health is dependent on our ability to regulate emotions. One’s ability to regulate emotions is achieved by recognizing and transmuting the feelings, attitudes and thoughts that are naturally the unconscious drivers of behavior. Those who learn and develop their ability to self-regulate typically report improved attitudes and better relationships both at home and at work. Self-control and self-regulation are two very different...

Discover Why Walla Walla is a #1 Trauma Informed Community

BEYOND PAPER TIGERS CRI is moving Beyond Paper Tigers into a whole new expe-resilience. Our team of presenters are providing cutting edge information and tools for transformation. Join us in June for the conference you've been waiting for. Beyond Paper Tigers Want to know more? See what our other partners have to say: https://www.youtube.com/user/ResilienceTrumpsAces Sign up now to reserve your seat at Beyond Paper Tigers conference BEYOND PAPER TIGERS CONFERENCE REGISTRATION

Self-Care Is One Thing ~ Community-Care Is Another

Contributing to society as a mentor is a priceless contribution to humanity. Mentoring is priceless because young minds are forming connections about the nature of existence that will determine resilience levels and decision making processes for the remainder of their lives. When we talk about resilience we’re talking about the manner in which a brain functions based on positive connections formed during early life experiences. One of the best ways to form a resilient mind is to be a person...