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Beyond Paper Tigers

By now, many of us in the ACEs movement have seen, or at least heard of, the documentary film, Paper Tigers . The film captures the lives of students, teachers, and administrators at Lincoln High School, and ultimately the entire community of Walla Walla, WA. I saw the movie for the second time this week, and was reminded of the spirit of collaboration and unconditional love that is ever present throughout the film. The entire school community -- administrators, teachers, health...

NPR Canada features a three-part series on ACEs and Resilience

Mary O'Connell of NPR Canada radio has provided us a link to listen to her three part series on ACEs and Resilience. Part 2 features an interview with Jim Sporleder, Brooke Bouchey, Teri Barila and a student, on the "behind the scenes" work that led to the documentary Paper Tigers. Mary is a thoughtful, caring advocate of the national movement toward trauma-informed practices. Please support her series and her "All in the Family" focus. ...

MARC Booklet 2016: Features Walla Walla and Whatcom

Please find attached the 2016 booklet for the Mobilizing Action for Resilient Communities (MARC) project, including Walla Walla, Whatcom and the other 13 communities that have been selected to participate in this 2 year learning collaborative. This is a great summary of the work happening in all 14 communities across the country. I am looking forward to working with the WA group as we grow so we can share your story!

Emotional Climate, Part II

Here is Dr. Brooks' sequel to the Emotional Climate conversation. Again, worth the read! Towards the end, he talks about how behavior becomes contagious, I love that image of us becoming more nurturant and supportive of everyone we interact with, and with the mirror neurons involved, we start to create a loving kindness behavior that becomes contagious throughout the community! I think this is what Laura Porter refers to as the self-healing communty, and that is what we are creating with the...

Emotional Climate

I wanted to share a newsletter from one of my favorite resilience authors, Dr. Robert Brooks. His topic supported Rick's post so nicely.

By Any Name, Emotional Maltreatment Is Destructive!

Recently I conducted a Google search for synonyms of emotional maltreatment. Phrases such as mental abuse and psychological abuse were fairly common. However, I also saw phrases such as The Quiet Killer and Invisible Violence. By any name, emotional maltreatment is destructive. Unfortunately, not all agree on what constitutes emotional maltreatment. On one hand, no one would deny that a child being called worthless repeatedly would be considered emotional maltreatment. On the other hand,...


Rick Griffin, Executive Director, Jubilee Leadership Academy (Prescott, WA) and I will help facilitate this group page by asking members to share what they find is “moving the dial” forward in their daily practice. For example, Rick will soon be posting thoughts on how we welcome all individuals to this effort, regardless of the specific experience we each have had in our own journey to this place. This movement, above all, is about that paradigm shift from fear to love , from...

Directory of ACEs Connection How-Tos

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