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Portraits of Professional Caregivers documentary available for viewing from ACEs Connection this weekend

Our Transform Trauma with ACEs Science film festival launches this weekend. We are thrilled to share the documentary , P ortraits of Professional CAREgivers: Their Passion, Their Pain on Saturday, September 12th, and Sunday , September 13th. The documentary will be streamed from our Transform Trauma with ACEs Science Communit y . Click here to join. Registration is not required for viewing. You need to be a member of ACEs Connection and join this community site to watch the film this...

Why Is the Pandemic Killing So Many Black Americans []

By The Daily, The New York Times, May 20, 2020 Some have called the pandemic “the great equalizer.” But the coronavirus is killing black Americans at staggeringly higher rates than white Americans. Today, we explore why. Guest: Linda Villarosa, a writer for The New York Times Magazine covering racial health disparities, who spoke to Nicole Charles in New Orleans, La. about the death of her husband, Cornell Charles, known as Dickey. He was 51. For more information on today’s episode, visit...

Behind That Anger is Grief: A Mother-Daughter Relationship

I remember last year on Mother’s Day, I was researching articles about complicated mother-daughter relationships and did not seem to find any that described my experience. What sparked this Google search? All the beautiful messages I saw on social media from daughters to their mothers. These messages described a relationship I did not know of. I wondered why instead of honoring my mom I was very angry at her, this time a type of anger that I could not hide, ruminate in silence as I had done...

ACE Surveillance Study of Teachers and Administrators in Public and Private Schools in Southwest Nigeria, West Africa 

Note: These findings were presented at the Child Trauma Conference in Lagos on October 25-26, 2019. Rationale: Many children today live with layers of stress both subtle and overt which in this report are collectively referred to as Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs). Specifically, these ACEs are physical, emotional and sexual abuse; physical and emotional neglect; household dysfunction and domestic violence as well as community violence. The children have a life marked by chaos,...

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