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3rd annual Building a Resilient Yolo conference October 30th!


Don't miss this year's Building A Resilient Yolo summit. The summit will include discussions and learning opportunities about how to improve and restore the lives of children and families who have experienced adversity and trauma.

DATE: October 30th
TIME: 8:00am - 4:00pm
LOCATION: Yolo County Office of Education Conference Center
COST: $25 per person, lunch is included

Tracy Fauver, a member of Resilient Yolo and executive Director of Yolo County CASA states, "We come together and take a good, hard look at what we are doing for children and families who have experienced trauma. We discuss what is working and areas we can improve. Each year we have completed these summits enlightened with stronger strategies and programs for our children.

During the spring of 2018, the Resilient Yolo collaborative organized and jointly funded a research project aimed at understanding how to better serve Yolo County's students and their families. Data was gathered from two sources: 1) literature in academic journals; and 2) six focus groups conducted by the Hanover Research Firm (i.e. one each with systems-involved youth, pregnant and parenting teens, youth who have faced adverse childhood events (ACEs), out-of-school service providers, school-based service providers, and caregivers). Data gathered will help inform future service planning and delivery, and ensure that Yolo County builds on the strengths of their families and youth.

Later this summer, Resilient Yolo will launch a public information initiative called "Be the One," to increase awareness of the collaborative. "Through the ACEs study and the experiences we've had within our own organizations, we know that just one consistent and trusting adult relationship can reverse the effects of trauma in a child. We are talking about things like mental health outcomes, rates of incarceration, future homelessness, and more. Imagine that all this can be prevented by just one integral relationship in the life of an at-risk youth. Our goal as a collaborative is to take a holistic approach to creating healthy, thriving communities and seeing the family beyond with the child as part of that. The 'Be the One' campaign will not just focus on being a person who makes a difference in the life of a child but simply in the life of another (with an emphasis on children)." states Lucy Roberts, Program Director, Family Hui.

Members of the collaborative include Family Hui, Yolo County CASA, Yolo County Office of Education, the Yolo County Conflict Resolution Center, Yolo County Health and Human Services Agency, CommuniCare Health Centers, Yolo County SELPA, Empower Yolo, Yolo County Probation, and many other individuals from the community with an interest in strengthening our community's resilience.


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