A Health Affairs Press Conference -Trauma Informed Care is critical....

Health Affairs Editor in Chief

Today I had the privilege of attending a Health Affairs briefing at the National Press Club in Washington D.C. In the photo is Alan Weil, Editor-in-chief of Health Affairs. He, along with 4 panels of researchers/principal investigators talked about this particularly special June 2016 issue that focuses on Behavioral Health.

What was striking was the statement  from one of the principal investigators -- "trauma informed care is critical'"  And there it is again...at a National platform, at a place where healthcare and health policy intersects. 

To see the slides, agenda and learn more about Health Affairs or today's event, click here.


Health Affairs Briefing: Behavioral Health

On Tuesday, June 7 Health Affairs joined authors of the latest issue to discuss the role behavioral health plays in defining the well-being of the population and the resources dedicated to understanding and addressing behavioral health needs.



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