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Additional FREE Monday Music group from Help Me Grow and Children's Therapy Center

Due to the overwhelming attendance at our Monday music therapy group, Children's Therapy Center and Help Me Grow are happy to announce the addition of a new class, and some changes to the current structure which may help keep class sizes more manageable. Effective Monday 3/2/2020, we will be adding an additional FREE Monday Music group!! 
~Starting next Monday, the 9:30-10:15 music group will be for children ages 0 up to 2* years
~Then, the 10:30-11:15 music group will be for children ages 2-5 years
~*If you are bringing multiple children, please attend the group age appropriate for your older child only (unless you bring each individually)
~We are also establishing a no-late arrival policy. We ask that if you can't make it by the time the group starts, please plan on coming the next week. 
~To maximize our space available to children, we ask that whenever possible, only 1 adult per child attend. 
Please share the attached flyers with the families you serve. If you have questions, please contact Mayra Gonzalez at or 530.668.1010. 


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