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Addressing Privilege and Anti-Blackness in both research and practice []


By UC Davis Office of Health Equity, Diversity and Inclusion, January 2021

Addressing Privilege and Anti-Blackness in Academic Medicine invites participants to consider how racial inequities persists in the health care research system. This interactive session will explore ways that UC Davis Health can be a part of the solution. Participants will bring their expertise and experiences so that we can identify sites for personal and collective action.

Topics covered include:

  • Legacies of exclusion within academic medicine
  • Mistrust of academic medicine by Black communities and communities of color
  • Needed changes in clinical work, research systems, mentoring/teaching practices, and administrative structures
  • Barriers preventing the advancement of medical researchers dedicated to racial equity

This conversation will augment efforts toward self-education and create community in efforts to redress the legacies of white supremacy in academic medicine.

[Please click here for more information and to register.]


[Please click here for more information and to register.]


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