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April 5 conference program

Save The Date!


Saturday April 5, 2014


Twentieth Anniversary Child Sexual Abuse Awareness Conference


9:00 am to 5:00 pm

Veterans' Memorial Center

203 E 14th Street, Davis CA 95616

Conference is free -- no cost, no registration.

Continuing Education units available at cost.



Childhood Trauma: Focusing on Solutions



Keynote Speaker: Wendy Murphy Attorney, former child abuse/sex abuse prosecutor 


Afternoon speakers and panel:

Yolo County: Creating A Trauma Informed Community


Exhibits: Museum of Lost Childhoods and the Survivor Quilts


Presented by:

Incest Survivors Speakers’ Bureau

California Protective Parents Association


Co-sponsors include:

Yolo County CASA


This is Cherie Schroeder's layout: Save%20The%20DateCS.docx


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Something very important:  we are required to put the IVAT logo on all marketing materials.  I put it on my version of the flyer, in the bottom corner, and changed the bottom line to "Co-sponsors include Yolo County CASA and IVAT" followed by the logo.

I think we should change it to "registration optional" because most years had people who wanted to register even though they didn't want CEU's. They mailed in the registration form even though it said "no registration". When I told them they didn't need to, they always explained that they wanted to make sure they had a seat reserved. What do you think?

For the panel: Did we decide on these four people? If so, I'll begin assembling. 

Alissa Sykes - Division Manager, Child Welfare Services -

Shaunda Cruz - Juvenile Program Manager, Yolo County Probation Department

Karleen Watson - Adolescent Services Supervisor, CommuniCare Health Centers, Behavioral Health Program -

Cherie Schroeder, Instruction Specialist/Program Director, Foster & Kinship Care Education, Woodland Community College,

I added Cherie Schroeder's layout to the end. Don't worry about the text in's the original. Just OK the layout. And once we get the text set, then Cherie, will you copy and paste and send a version to Gail, so that she can print it out for her meeting on Wednesday? 

I can send a version to Shaunda for the Feb 4-5 workshops.

-- J.

Maybe we use the 4:30-5 pm for my short presentation, and then ask for ideas from the participants, set the next meetup date....maybe that one will be more formal????

What do y'all think?

I'd like to wrap up the day by doing a 10-minute overview of what other communities across the U.S. are doing, and then issue a challenge to the conference participants to make Yolo County the first trauma-informed county in California.

What do you think? 

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